Programmer Analyst

SigmaSoft is currently seeking a 2 Programmer Analysts to join our IT in Dallas, TX. The Programmer Analyst will provide assistance to design, program and execute simple test plans. The ideal candidate will also modify or upgrade applications to maintain software functionality.

Additional responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop methodology and document business processes. Ensure process documentation is current.
  • Involve in reverse engineer existing databases acting as the data store of a system or application for data integration and reporting purposes.
  • Design and implement database objects to provide data to web and other developers. These would-be objects like Views, User Defined Functions, Stored Procedures, etc.
  • Assist in grooming reporting data to support straightforward self-service report building by the internal user community and provisioning of reports through a client service portal.
  • Monitors industry trends for applicability, evaluating software and related technologies for recommendations
  • Produces accurate program code consistent with the design done while mentoring/assisting others.  This includes adhering to programming and subsystem standards, properly structured programming techniques, well documented internally and externally, and free from code, data, and documentation side effects.
  • Responsible for identifying analyzing, and recommending business process changes and improvements across the services organization systems and processes.
  • Support change requests, including the justification of a business case when necessary, and align with overall business and technology goals and objectives
  • Represent services organization in cross-functional process/system design and development efforts to ensure an optimal end to end solutions.
  • Introduce and maintain highly repeatable and reliable processes, as well as supporting standards.
  • Manage multiple process/system improvement projects simultaneously.
  • Assemble and conduct a unit test before releasing from the development environment.
  • Responsible for testing (unit and integration) the solution before release to production, including submission of appropriate integration test specifications.
  • Back up support for other team members to assist with system questions

The ideal candidate will be able to adapt and try to understand changes in work-group tasks, situations, and the department as well as logic or basis for change. He/she should able to collaborate with team members making an effort to work effectively and cooperatively. The successful candidate understands Change Management and remains open to ideas offered by others. From a technical aspect, the Programmer Analyst will have a basic knowledge of the entire Software Development Life Cycle and have familiarity with Software Domain knowledge, characteristics, constraints, and products that require software and influence architecture. Also, the candidate should have a basic familiarity with how to derive and allocate requirements.

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