IHealth X®

Next Generation Health Information Exchange Platform

IHealth X allows healthcare organizations to promote the exchange of captured patient’s health information across clinical practitioners in outpatient and hospital networks. The core objective of our platform is to minimize the disruption to the workflow of primary care physicians and specialists who work with patients.

IHealth X platform helps physicians in accessing patient data through their own EHR systems and allows them in viewing data with multiple filters based on parameters as per need. This will significantly reduce the provider’s time and paperwork in overseeing the patient’s healthcare.

Using IHealth X platform physicians can:

  • Access clinical data about a patient who has been seen by different providers or hospitals
  • Receive clinical results electronically that populate patient’s electronic medical records
  • Send order requests for tests and prescriptions to pharmacies electronically
  • Communicate electronically with physicians in other organizations
    • Get notified of patient’s admission to other health organizations
    • Send/Receive referrals to/from physicians in other organizations for special appointments