Next generation healthcare delivery platform

Zopho is a platform intended to provide comprehensive healthcare opinions for individuals who are interested in obtaining health care via online, if needed, personal assessments based on providers expertise that tailor to the needs of subscriber. The core objective of our organization is to bring the individual sub-scriber and the health care provider on to a single platform, deliver health care solutions that provide best available options, improve individual satisfaction and launch next generation health care delivery.

Zopho intend to offer various options for both the parties such as

  • Sub-scribers
    • Second opinions on health care recommendations; to agree or disagree with the suggested care.
    • Tele-health care, depending on the subscriber’s request via online/mobile applications.
    • Appointments to seek a face to face interaction with experts of their choice, at convenience and availability of either subscriber or provider’s schedule via online mobile applications.
  • Health Care Providers
    • Provide opinions to patients across the globe.
    • Apply evidence based medicine and cutting edge technologies to patients where access is a challenge.
    • Recognition as an international expert
    • Global expansion of your business.